Want to feel happy, whole, and enough – with or without a man in your life?  


Toxic relationships, breakups that leave you wallowing for months,  and your clingy, insecure alter-ego…
You’re SO done with all of them!  

It’s time to become the confident, empowered woman who loves herself,  knows her worth, and thrives in the healthiest relationships.

fall in love with yourself first

just to be clear...

You’re a confident, high-achieving queen in every other area of your life.

You’ve got work, friendships, health, and fitness on lock! But when it comes to romantic relationships, you suddenly become a different version of yourself that you don’t even recognize. 

It’s like a flip gets switched that makes you:

When your partner isn’t with you, your mind spirals with worries about what he’s doing and who he’s doing it with. Are his guy friends convincing him he’d be better off without you?

Are his leggy, hot girlfriends really “just” friends? You want to play it cool, but “Cool You” left the building ages ago! 

Anxious & Insecure

Clingy & Obsessive  

Overly Forgiving 

Anxious & Insecure

Overly Demanding

Your life has become completely fixated on your partner – needing his constant love and attention and making room for little else.

Your friends and family feel like you’ve ghosted them (which, to be fair, you have!), but can’t they see you’re in a relationship now?! It’s just you and him against the world, and that’s ALL that matters to you.

Clingy & Obsessive  

Anxious & Insecure

Clingy & Obsessive  

Overly Forgiving 

Overly Demanding

Anxious & Insecure

A tiny voice inside your head keeps warning you, “Red flag! Red flag!” but you push those thoughts deep down and ignore your partner’s hurtful behaviours, lack of respect, and complete disregard for your feelings.

After all, nobody’s perfect, right? You’ve come this far with the relationship … You can’t give up on it now! 

Clingy & Obsessive  

Overly Forgiving 

Overly Forgiving 

Overly Demanding

Anxious & Insecure

You’ve got a fixed set of expectations that your partner must meet for you to feel loved and safe. You also dump raw emotions on your partner and accept him to be there – at all times – to help you feel better.

If he’s not available (Heaven forbid he has to tend to something else in his life), you feel angry, resentful, and helpless.  

Clingy & Obsessive  

Overly Forgiving 

Overly Demanding

Overly Demanding

Before you know it, you end up staying in an unhealthy relationship WAY past its expiration date.

Weeks, months, or even years go by of settling for less than you deserve because you don’t love yourself as fully as you should.

And the idea of being alone? WAY. TOO. SCARY. 

Then comes the inevitable breakup,

and the spiral continues...

“What did I do wrong???” 

(Nothing, friend! Aside from not loving and valuing yourself enough.)  

“Wasn’t I good enough for him???” 

(You absolutely were, but you can’t – and shouldn’t – force anyone to be with you.) 

“But he was SO perfect!!!” 

(No, no he wasn’t. You’re just looking at your past through rose-coloured glasses.) 

Amidst the heartbreak, overthinking, and 537 tear-stained texts to your best friend, it finally hits you:


You want to be the woman who: 

Doesn’t feel the need to check her man’s phone the second he leaves the room. 

Stays true to who she is, has an amazing life outside of her relationship (remember that thing called “hobbies”?), and prioritizes her own well-being.  

Values herself enough to know when it’s time to leave an unhealthy, or toxic, relationship (and not keep running back). 

Never settles for anything LESS than the happiness and respect she deserves. 

Is unafraid to set boundaries in her relationship, and confidently responds when her partner crosses them. 

Is so much more emotionally independent – knows how to be her own source of love, happiness, safety, and worthiness. 

Knows how to “self-soothe” when she’s upset by deliberately pausing, taking a step back, and not always relying on her partner for emotional support. 

Feels safe and secure in her relationships because she knows that even if her relationship were to end, she’ll be ok.  

And while we’re at it, you’re worthy of a partner who: 

Invests just as much time, energy, and love into the relationship as you do. 

Encourages you to have a life beyond your relational orbit.  

Is emotionally available and 100% ready to commit. No ultimatums needed. 

Loves you for YOU (imperfections and all) and is excited to build a life with you. 

So, how do you become your most confident and secure version of yourself instead,

and reset your relationship patterns?

You stop trying to fix yourself with journaling, empowerment podcasts, or simply telling yourself to “relax and do better.”  

While all these things are great, they can only take you so far. 

When you’re ready to improve your current and future relationships
I’ll be here to support you with personalized, 1:1 coaching. 


hey, i’m Ambra!

Break-up and relationship coach for ambitious, high-achieving women who want to feel happy, whole, and enough – with or without a man in their life – and have healthier relationships.

Through my customized, 1:1 coaching, I’ll help you improve your self-love so you can show up as the best version of yourself in all aspects of your life, in and out of relationships. 

Whether it’s giving you the confidence to leave an unhealthy or stale relationship, helping you heal faster after a big breakup, or providing you with the tools to stop self-sabotaging and repeating the same relationship patterns (i.e. different guy, same disrespect), I’ll guide you to the happiness you deserve. 

you are the love of your life

No more desperately seeking a “better half” to complete you, because you’ll already
     feel              and                   on your own.



A kind, supportive partner will just be a bonus!


No more desperately seeking a “better half” to complete you, because you’ll already feel
                and              on your own.


from happy clients



A Peek Inside My 1:1 Coaching

Everything about you and your situation is unique, so my coaching will meet you where you’re at. 

My number one goal for you (and anyone who joins my program) is to help you go from being anxious, clingy, needy and insecure to showing up as the most confident, authentic, and secure version of yourself in your relationships.

This can be done by learning how to:

be comfortable and secure alone. 

detach your self-worth from that of your romantic relationships.  

see yourself as whole, complete, and enough – with or without a man. 

self-soothe and learning how to take care of your emotional well-being (e.g. regulate your emotions). 

give yourself the love and validation you’ve wanted from your partners to yourself. 

love and accept yourself. 

I’ll also equip you with the necessary skill sets required to have healthier, happier, and more harmonious relationships.  

You’ll also learn how to: 

clarify your boundaries, firmly and lovingly communicate them to your partner, and establish the actions you’ll take if someone disrespects them. 

communicate what your needs are in a non-demanding, non-controlling. and supportive way. 

identify your triggers and learn how to self-soothe when you’re feeling anxious and insecure. 

identify red flags, idealization, and emotional unavailability in real-time. 

clarify your core relationship values and key traits you’re looking for in a partner. 

understand what having a healthy relationship looks like and how you can go about creating one. 

Coaching packages begin with a 3-month commitment, with one weekly, 1:1 coaching call (60 minutes) over Zoom. 

BOOK A call to learn more

work on you, for you

Let’s give a HARD PASS to feeling…

Anxious, insecure, clingy, and needy. 

No more checking your phone every millisecond for your partner’s next text or wondering if TODAY is the day he’ll decide to leave you. 

And a BIG YES to feeling… 

Calm, secure, confident, and empowered.

It’s time to know your value, trust in yourself and your partner, and find peace in whatever happens with your next relationship. 

Calm, secure, confident,
and empowered.

it’s totally possible for you to experience secure love

Sure, you may experience one, two, or many more breakups in your life.


But that’s OK, because if and when that happens, you'll not only know how to detach your self-worth but also know how to offer yourself the emotional support required to heal your heart post-breakup.

And that, my friend, is winning at love! 

FYI - You’re in the right place if you can relate to any of these:

You’re in an unhealthy relationship you want to get out of.

After multiple “interventions” from friends and family, you finally see it: You’re in an unhealthy, or toxic, relationship that’s tearing you down and dimming your light. Now you just need an exit strategy and the confidence to see it through!

You’re in a relationship where you don’t feel or act like yourself.

Who invited the super clingy, “can’t-be-five-feet-from-her-guy” girl to the party? Oh wait, that’s the New You (*cringe*). You don’t even recognize the insecure woman you’ve become and you want to go back to your confident, empowered self. 

You’re getting over a breakup and you need help moving forward.

Your whole world feels like it’s crashing down, and matter what you try, you can’t get your ex off your mind. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep, and you’ve become “that girl” who cries at work (Uggh). All this self-pity and sadness really has to go!

You’re single and want to work on yourself before dating again. 

You’re used to being terrified to be alone, to the point where you’d put on a fake smile and stay in a dead-end relationship just to be in a relationship. Not anymore. You’re ready to work on YOU so that you can attract the right guys and set the right boundaries from the get-go.

step 1: Book A Free Call

Click that handy link below to book a complimentary consultation.

Step 2: Test the “Fit” 

Decide if we're a great match and have all your questions about the program answered in real-time.

Step 3: Transform Your Relationships

Become your most confident, secure, and empowered self who no longer needs  a man to feel safe, loved, enough, whole, and complete.



Ready for the 1:1 support you’ve been missing?


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Still wondering if my 1:1 coaching is for YOU?

We’re a perfect match if:

You’re a high-achieving, ambitious, self-led woman who owns her results. 

You’re tired of wasting so much time (and tears) falling into the same destructive relationship patterns.  

You crave personalized, 1:1 coaching support from someone who’s been in your shoes and has helped so many women like you. 

You’re willing to invest money in your personal growth and are 100% committed to applying what you’ve learned. 

You believe that you deserve to feel happy, free, and whole – with or without a man in your life – and you’re ready to do this NOW. (Yesterday would’ve been nice too!)

The fit probably won’t be right if:

You’re resistant and skeptical of coaching and tend to play the victim in your life. 

You’re fine with the relationship patterns you keep repeating. (At least, that’s what you tell yourself.) 

You’re afraid to let a 1:1 coach into your world and show them your vulnerable side. 

You’re not financially ready or willing to invest in yourself; you’ll just have to prioritize your well-being another time. 

You want to believe you deserve more, but you’re too afraid to find out. (Isn’t true happiness just for other people???) 

healing begins with you

Did I mention I’ve been in your shoes?

Just because I’m a breakup and relationship coach, that doesn’t mean I’ve never struggled in these departments. 

At one point, I was in a 6+ year-long relationship with the person who I thought I was going to marry. He was my everything, even when things went downhill. 

I felt unhappy, unsatisfied and alone in those last three years, but I still stayed in the relationship – despite it being completely one-sided. 

I was doing all the heavy lifting in the relationship (e.g. initiating most communication, date nights, etc.).

I was extremely involved and invested in his life (and that of his family), but he wasn’t as interested or involved in mine. 

I would often change my plans to accommodate his schedule and let myself be treated like a doormat.   

I would frequently make excuses for his hurtful behaviors, desperately wanting to see the best in him. 

 For example:

Things got so bad that near the end, we’d only meet twice a month. But still…

I stayed because I was scared of being alone. I’d also invested so much time, love, money, and energy into the relationship that it seemed like such a waste to let it go. You shouldn’t ever give up on the people you love, right?

Surely, things would change… 

Luckily, I finally decided enough was enough

I didn’t want my life to revolve around my relationships and completely lose myself in the process. It was time to stop being codependent on my partner and start being whole and happy on my own.

So that’s what I did … 

I learned how to fill myself up and be the love of my life.

I tell you this story to let you know that:

A) We’ve all been there
B) You’re not alone, and
C) You deserve to feel happy, whole, and enough – with or without a man in your life.

I want you to know that your happiness, needs, and goals are equally important as your partner’s … and that it all begins with SELF-LOVE

So, whether your goal is to be joyfully single or in a healthy, thriving relationship where both of you are bringing your best selves to the table, you are 100% deserving of this.

I’ll be your coach, cheerleader, and guide to help make it happen! 


Frequently Asked

Should I be in or out of a relationship when we work together? 

What’s your coaching style? 

Why do I need a 1:1 coach?

If I’m having a hard time getting over my ex, shouldn’t I just jump back into dating? 

Why do you talk about “self-love” so much? 

How will I know if your coaching will work for me? 

I can’t wait to work with you! How do I get started? 

Great! Simply use this link to book a free consultation with me. This will give us both a chance to see if we’re a good fit to work with each other. If so, I can’t wait to support you in your journey! 

What qualifications do you have as a breakup and relationship coach?


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Your relationship status doesn’t define 
who you are or what you’re worth.

A joyful, fulfilling single life? 

You got it. 

You are good enough AS YOU ARE – without or without a man. Once you get to the place of truly loving yourself, everything else will fall into place. 

A relationship with someone who
loves, values, and respects you? 

Yes, yes, and more yes. 

A new you that feels happy, whole, and secure?

Thought you’d never ask! 

The ability to leave an unhealthy or stale and unsatisfying relationship?


one last time for the people in the back...

TODAY is the day you change the way you “do” love – with yourself and your partners. From here, all future relationships can only get better

No more putting your needs last or getting stuck in a cycle of unhealthy, or toxic, relationships. 


Coaching packages begin with a 3-month commitment, with one weekly, 1:1 coaching call (60 minutes) over Zoom. 

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